Business Development Networks

It is all about getting work done by liaising with the right people

Carlisle Place & Partners provide a unique platform aimed at accompanying both private wealth and business owners sailing through the most complex of business development deal-making processes.

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To assist you achieving your goals, we operate via four distinct tailored programmes:


Investment frameworks

These are ventures and investment opportunities designed to attract broad interest though operations made available to the public. We conduct explorative undertaking via mandate.


Unlisted Assets 

Premium and luxury property assets operating in the commercial, residential, and hospitality industry. Established international brands, luxury boutique operations, confidential off-market and unlisted deals.


Scale-up and expansion 

The act of negotiating requires trusted intercessors. From complex and sensitive business deals aimed at scaling-up operations, licensing and franchising, liaison partners can assist to their mutual benefit.

Nexus Private Events

Lifestyle and Networking Platform 

Our networking platform designed to facilitate connections, by invitation only. From strategic rendez-vous, to elegant and cultured events designed to making business matchmaking a tactful enterprise.

How we can help you

Connecting the Wealthy with Opportunities

We work with Private Wealth Owners, including family offices, and business owners, from startups to SMEs. We also liaise with government agencies and nonprofit organizations.*

Investment Matchmaking

We use our extensive network to match you with investment opportunities that align with your investment objectives and goals.

Access to Unlisted Deals

We provide access to unlisted deals and investment opportunities sourced from our network of private equity and venture capital firms.

Strategic Partnerships

We facilitate strategic business partnerships between our clients to help them achieve their business goals and maximize the value of their investments.

*(We do not participate in the operations of the business)

Strategy Advisory

Strategy & legal framework

Brand & Reputation

Building a strong brand


Strategic partnerships