Nexus Private Events

Uniting through arts and culture

Our private networking events centre on a platform of operatic and classical performing arts, to combine culture, wealth and entrepreneurship.

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Our private events platform is designed to facilitate connections, by invitation only.

Salon Events

Private discreet gatherings

Very discreet yet joyful gatherings designed with specific funding objectives, held in prestigious private homes or other intimate settings.

Operatic Arts

Prestigious opera houses 

From fine dining restaurants to the most acclaimed performing opera and theatrical representations, to closing your business deals with style.

Classical Music

Distinguished performances

We partner with trusts and foundations to support talents performing in the most imposing classical concert venues across the world.

From strategic rendez-vous, to the most acclaimed performing houses, we design our elegant and cultured private events to make business matchmaking a tactful enterprise.

Co-Branded Events

Luxury lifestyle brands partnerships 

We design our co-branding networking events to increase brand awareness through very carefully calculated association with Private Wealth Owners, luxury lifestyle brands, and cultural and artistic performing institutions to create sophisticated and elegant private gatherings.

How we can help you

Connecting You with Opportunities

We work with Private Wealth Owners, including family offices, and business owners, from startups to SMEs. We also liaise with government agencies and nonprofit organizations.*

*(We do not participate in the operations of the business)

Private Wealth Networks

Building relationships that matter 

We have an extensive network of high net worth individuals, family offices, private equity, venture capitalists and business owners, enabling us to connect you with the right people and opportunities.