Private Wealth Networks

Building relationships that matter

We have an extensive network of high net worth individuals, family offices, private equity, venture capitalists and business owners, enabling us to connect you with the right people and opportunities.

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Our approach is rooted in building genuine connections and fostering long-lasting relationships with our valued clients.

Family Offices

We work with family offices to help them design business strategies and find compelling investment opportunities.

Private Equity

We connect private equity firms with attractive investment opportunities and exceptional management teams.

Venture Capital

We connect start-ups with venture capital firms dedicated to helping owners to scale and achieve business success goals.

Angel Investors

Our angel investor network helps Private Wealth Owners to invest in promising start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs.

Real Estate Investors

We provide access to exclusive investment opportunities in commercial, residential, and other luxury real estate ventures.

Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

We help entrepreneurs and start-ups secure investment and connect with the right business partners to grow their businesses.


We have an extensive network of high net worth individuals and wealthy families devoted to charitable endeavours.

Cultural Networks

We provide access to networking in prestigious and exclusive cultural events that celebrate the finest in culture and society.

Wealth Professionals

We connect wealth management experts that can assist with the various aspects of deal-making and financial transactions.

How we can help you

Connecting Owners with Opportunities

Our Private Wealth Networks are specifically designed for both Private Wealth and Business Owners to facilitate introductions that lead to lasting relationships and financial success.*

*(We do not participate in the operations of the business)

Nexus Private Events

Lifestyle and Networking Platform 

Our networking platform designed to facilitate connections, by invitation only. From strategic rendez-vous, to elegant and cultured events designed to making business matchmaking a tactful enterprise.